Push your AirWatch Catalog with a profile when it does not matter that devices receive the catalog immediately upon enrollment. Configure a Web clip or bookmark payload depending on the platform.


  1. Navigate to Devices > Profiles > List View and select Add.
    Apple macOS only – Select User Profile.
  2. Enter General information for the profile to assign the AirWatch Catalog to devices using smart groups.
    Use this section to define the push mode as auto so that the AirWatch Catalog pushes to the device.
  3. Select one of the following payloads.
    • Web Clips for Apple iOS, macOS, and Windows Desktop
    • Bookmarks for Android
  4. Enter a title for the web application in the Label text box.
  5. Enter the location for the AirWatch Catalog in the URL text box, https://{Environment}/Catalog/ViewCatalog/{SecureDeviceUdid}/{DevicePlatform}.
  6. Set the Full Screen option for the AirWatch Catalog to open in full screen mode on Apple iOS 6+ devices.
    You do not need to configure the option Show in App Catalog/Container. Leave this option disabled.
  7. Select Save & Publish to push the AirWatch Catalog to the devices in the smart groups you assigned in the general section.