Many organizations do not need to manage devices for their mobile fleets for various reasons, including possible privacy or legal issues. However, they might need to distribute mobile applications, so Workspace ONE UEM offers the flexibility of deploying the standalone catalog that works independently of the MDM feature.The standalone catalog has limited functionality compared to other catalogs. To decide if it can benefit your deployment, determine how end users interact with it and if the unmanaged deployment of applications is sufficient. Also, consider what SDK functions your deployment needs.

Users do not have to enroll with Workspace ONE UEM using the , but rather enroll with the Workspace ONE UEM standalone catalog. This catalog distributes all application types, public, purchased, internal, and Web.

Although end-user devices are not enrolled in MDM, you can access a device record in the Workspace ONE UEM console. The device record is for auditing purposes and the status of these devices in the Workspace ONE UEM console displays as App Catalog Only.


  • End users enroll with Workspace ONE UEM using the Internet and not with the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub.
  • End users must re-enroll with the standalone catalog when you change versions. Even if they do not re-enroll, they still have access to applications. However, they cannot receive an updated version for the catalog unless they re-enroll.


  • Devices in your standalone catalog deployment are unmanaged. An unmanaged device does not have the security controls offered by the Workspace ONE UEM MDM feature.
  • Applications distributed with the standalone catalog remain on devices after an end user unenrolls with the standalone catalog.
  • You cannot track application downloads but you can see a list of assigned applications for the device in the device record in the Workspace ONE UEM console.

Available SDK Functions

Supported applications can use limited Workspace ONE SDK functions when accessed through the standalone catalog.

  • SDK profile retrieval
  • User name and password authentication
  • Jailbreak detection
  • Beacon technology support