Add URLs for sites you want to manage and push to devices as web links applications with the Web Links tab in Apps & Books.


  1. Navigate to Resources > Apps > Web Links and select Add Application.
  2. Select the Organization Group and the Platform and then choose Continue.
  3. Complete the settings on the Details tab.
    Setting Description
    Name Name of the web links app to be displayed in the Workspace ONE UEM console, on the device, and in the AirWatch Catalog.
    URL The address of the Web app.
    Descriptions A brief description of the Web app that indicates its purpose.

    This option is not displayed in the AirWatch Catalog.

    Managed By The organization group with administrative access to the Web app.
  4. Upload a custom icon using a GIF, JPG, or PNG format, for the application on the Images tab that end users view in the AirWatch Catalog before installing the application to their devices and that displays as the icon of the Web app on the device.
    Images are currently not available for Windows Desktop.

    For best results, provide a square image no larger than 400x400 pixels and less than 1 MB when uncompressed. The graphic is automatically scaled and cropped to fit. If necessary, the system converts it to PNG format. Web Clip icons are 104 x 104 pixels for devices with a Retina display or 57 x 57 pixels for all other devices.

  5. Complete the settings on the Assignment tab.
    Setting Description
    Assigned Groups The smart group to which you want the Web app added.

    Includes an option to create a new smart group which can be configured with specifications for minimum OS, device models, ownership categories, organization groups and more.

    Exclusions If Yes is selected, a new option displays called Excluded Smart Groups. This setting enables you to select the smart groups you want to exclude from the assignment of this Web app.
    Push Mode Select how the system pushes Web apps to devices.
    • On Demand – Deploys content to a catalog or other deployment agent and lets the device user decide if and when to install the content.

      This option is the best choice for content that is not critical to the organization. Allowing users to download the content when they want helps conserve bandwidth and limits unnecessary traffic.

    • Automatic – Deploys content to a catalog or other deployment Hub on a device upon enrollment. After the device enrolls, the system prompts users to install the content on their devices.

      This option is the best choice for content that is critical to your organization and its mobile users.

    Advanced Offers extra functionality depending on the platform.
    • Android

      Add to Homescreen – Adds the web links application to the homescreen of the device. The system always places Web apps in the bookmark section if the default browser of the device. If you do not enable this option, end-users can access Web apps from the bookmarks.

    • Apple iOS
      • Removable – Allows end users to use the long press feature to remove this Web app off their devices.
      • Full Screen – Opens the Web app in full screen mode on iOS 6+ devices.
  6. Select Save & Publish to push the web links application to the AirWatch Catalog.