The application deployment information in the Device Details page provides information to the administrators about the applications that they want to deploy to their end-user devices through Workspace ONE UEM console. The deployment progress provides information about the apps that are entitled to a particular user's device and user's personal apps (depending on the privacy policy). The information can be useful for troubleshooting the application status on the individual device.

Complete the following steps to track the application deployment progress from the Device Details page.


  1. Navigate to Devices > List View > Apps.
    The application list view provides you with a summary of application versions that are entitled to a device and the on-going installation details if any. To get additional details about a particular application entitlement for a device you can choose to click on the application name.
  2. Search for and select the desired application.
    The application name links you to the App Details window that captures all the information about an application such as the metadata, assignment information, installation sample information as reported by the device and SDK app compliance information wherever applicable.

    Administrators can hover-over the application status icon or use the application link to track all the actions that are taken by the Workspace ONE UEM console on a specific application.

    When the application installation is in progress, depending on the platform, devices report states of the installation progress that are displayed in the Installation Status column.