Workspace ONE UEM administrators can simplify access to recommended apps by adding applications into collections which are displayed as rows on the managed Play Store. After enabling this feature, there is a minimum requirement of one collection at all times. Apps which have not been assigned to a collection can only be found in the managed Play Store using the search functionality.


Once an environment has begun using collections, the managed Google Play cannot be reverted to an earlier state. Because the change to collections cannot be rolled back, customers are highly encouraged to test the feature in a sandbox environment to ensure it aligns with the desired end-user experience and functionality before rolling it out to any production environments.


  1. Navigate to Apps & Books > Public > Add Application.
  2. Select Android from the Platform drop-down menu.
  3. Select Search App Store to search for the application in the app store. Leave the Name blank and select Next. Google Play opens directly from the Workspace ONE UEM console.
  4. Access the Organize Apps from the left menu.
  5. Create collections and add apps to your collection to set the Play Store layout.