Google offers a channel that allows applications to send configuration feedback to the UEM console for various reasons. However, the most common use case for sending feedback on managed configurations is for a quick detection of errors. The feedback can alert IT admins to errors and help them take action to correct a problem. Workspace ONE UEM lets you view feedback reported across all devices and supported applications.

Complete the following steps to view the feedback reported across all the devices and supported applications and to force update feedback for a specific device to get the latest update.


  • Workspace ONE Intelligence handles the retrieval and storage of the feedback data. To view the application feedback in the Workspace ONE UEM console, you must opt for Workspace ONE Intelligence To access Workspace ONE Intelligence , navigate to Hub > Intelligence, select Opt-in, and select Launch after installing the Workspace ONE Intelligence Connector service. Workspace ONE Intelligence directly requests the feedback from Google through the API calls.
  • Workspace ONE Intelligence feedback service can be turned on only for customer level OGs.


  1. You have two ways of viewing the feedback reported across all the devices and supported applications:
    1. You can navigate to Apps & Books > Applications > Native > Public and click the OEM Config application. In the Details view, select Devices and under Assigned Configuration, select View Feedback.
    2. You can go to Devices > Details View > Apps and select View Feedback.
    You can view the feedback reported for the application for quick detection of errors.
  2. In the Feedback screen, you can perform the following actions:
    1. Click Reload to refresh the latest data from Workspace ONE Intelligence.
    2. Click Edit Configuration to quickly go to the device configuration screen to modify and fix configuration errors.

What to do next

You can also force update feedback for a specific device. To do so, go to Devices > Details View > Apps and select Request Feedback. The device is forced to send its latest feedback to Google. Workspace ONE Intelligence collects the feedback shortly after this command and ensures that the admin gets the updated feedback as quickly as possible.