You can publish books that are unique to your organization, such as the instruction manuals or policy guides, with the internal books section of the Workspace ONE UEM console and the book catalog. If you do not use the Workspace ONE Content, the book catalog offers an alternative method for deployment.


  1. Navigate to Apps & Books > Books > List View, and then select the Internal tab.
  2. Select Add Books.
  3. Select Upload and browse for the applicable file and choose Continue.
  4. Back on the Add Book page, configure description and assignment options for the internal book. Much of the book information automatically populates.
  5. Complete the following Info options.
    Setting Description
    Name Enter the name for the book.
    Identifier Enter a unique identification value for the book.
    Released On Reflects the release date of the book.
    Is Managed Identifies the internal book as managed and marks it to receive management actions. This book opens in only the iBooks application and not in other applications. If you do not select to manage the internal book, device user access the book in Safari.

    This option applies only to books on devices running iOS 8+.

    Managed By View the organization group that controls the file.
    Categories Provide a category type to help identify how the book can help users.
    Change Log Add comments to the text box to keep notes on changes between versions.
  6. Complete the following Description options.
    Setting Description
    Description Enter a description of the book that helps you organize the book for your mobile deployment.
    Support URL Enter a URL for the support group that manages suggestions, comments, or issues concerning the book.
    Support Email Enter an email to receive suggestions, comments, or issues concerning the book.
    Support Number Enter a number to receive suggestions, comments, or issues concerning the book.
    Copyright Enter the publication date of the book.
  7. Complete the following options in the Developer Information area.
    Setting Description
    Developer Enter the name of the developer.
    Developer Email Enter the email of the developer so that you have a contact to send suggestions and comments.
    Developer Phone Number Enter a number so that you can contact the developer.
  8. Complete the following options in the Application Cost Information area.
    Setting Description
    Cost Center Enter the business unit charged for the development of the book.
    Cost Enter cost information for the book to help report metrics concerning your internal book development systems to the organization.
    Currency Select the type of currency that paid for the development, or the currency that buys the book, or whatever is useful for your record keeping.
  9. Complete the following Assignment options for Assigned Smart Groups by selecting a smart group.
  10. Select Save & Publish to push internal books to devices immediately through the book catalog.