You can add directory users into Workspace ONE UEM one at a time or use a batch import process. Adding individual directory users one at a time is ideal for when you have a few users to add. It is preferable to batch import directory users when you have multiple users to add.

Using the batch import method means uploading a list of directory services users in a CSV (comma-separated values) template file, which has specific columns. To make converting your existing directory service user data easier, consider mapping the text boxes Workspace ONE UEM requires to existing attributes in your database. You can then use custom queries to create a spreadsheet which you can copy and paste.

  • Pros – This option creates Workspace ONE UEM user accounts, which enable you to use enrollment options that require user accounts, such as registration tokens. If you have users not included in Mobile Device Management (MDM), you can omit them from the CSV file. Such omission restricts an enrollment to only known users.
  • Cons – Back-end configuration is required to automate the creation of a CSV batch file that can be used to upload users. The alternative is to enter each user manually. Manual entry means that user assignment to organization groups must be thought out beforehand to ensure proper profile, policy, content, and app assignments.