App tunnel is a generic term used to describe the act of creating a secure "tunnel" through which traffic can pass between an end-user device and a secure internal resource, such as a website or file server.

By using the VMware Workspace ONE Tunnel with Workspace ONE Web, you can provide secure internal browsing to any intranet site and web application that resides within your network. Because Workspace ONE Web is designed with application tunneling capabilities, all it takes to enable mobile access to your internal websites is to enable a setting from the Workspace ONE UEM console. By doing so, Workspace ONE Web establishes a trust with VMware Tunnel using a Workspace ONE UEM issued certificate and accesses internal websites by proxying traffic through the VMware Tunnel over SSL encrypted HTTPS. IT can not only provide greater levels of access to their mobile users, but also remain confident that security is not compromised by encrypting traffic, remembering history, disabling copy/paste, defining cookie acceptance, and more.