The tunnel_snap utility collects all the necessary diagnostic data that might be required for troubleshooting your VMware Tunnel deployment. This utility helps troubleshooting by reducing the back and forth communication with support and saves time.

The utility captures data from the following files:

  • awcm.dat
  • ca.pem
  • device.xml
  • dh2048.pem
  • server.conf
  • tunnel_init.log
  • tunnel.log
  • tunnel.log.1
  • vpn.dat

Use this utility while troubleshooting any issue related to the VMware Tunnel. You must run the utility on each VMware Tunnel server separately.

Run the utility in the following folder:


Use the following command to run the utility:

sudo ./

The utility collects the diagnostic data in:

_/opt/vmware/tunnel/tunnel_snap.tar _

Send the collected data to UEM Support for help in troubleshooting.