The UAG web UI offers a simple way to check the service availability and collect all the UAG log files that includes the Tunnel and Proxy log files.


  1. Click the Read more section that can assisit you with the troubleshooting.
    Monitoring Edge Services Status:

    Expand the Edge Services section and find VMware Tunnel. If the Tunnel is running as expected, it shows a green light on the left side of the service. Any other color indicates that either the service is not running, or is running with errors and requires further investigation.

    Collecting Logs from the Appliance:

    Download a .zip archive of logs from the Support Settings section of the Admin UI. These log files are collected from the /opt/vmware/gateway/logs directory on the appliance.

  2. To check if the Tunnel and the Proxy services are installed correctly, always review the appliance-agent.log. The log displays the following information:

    [main] INFO c.a.a.a.s.i.tunnel.TunnelInstaller - VMware Tunnel Proxy installation SUCCESS!!!! and/or [main] INFO c.a.a.a.s.i.tunnel.TunnelInstaller - VMware Tunnel Per-App Tunnel installation SUCCESS!!!!