You can capture video of your Workspace ONE Assist remote session and save it as a file to your download folder. You can do the same with still images (screenshots).

For Android, macOS, and Windows 10 devices only, the first time you initiate a video recording or request a screenshot in a session, the host device end user is prompted to grant permission. After the end-user grants permission, each subsequent video recording or screenshot made in the same session results in a "pop-up" on-screen notification instead of a permission request.

Devices in Unattended mode receive no permission requests and no notifications.


  1. Invoke the drop-down toolbar by selecting the down arrow at the top-center of your remote session window.
  2. Select the icon of the action you want to perform.
    • For video capture, select the round 'Record' icon (). Stop recording the session to video by clicking the same button.
    • For an image capture (screenshot) of the session, select the 'Camera' icon ().
  3. Once completed, your captures can be found in the default downloads folder of your browser.
    • Video captures are saved as .WEBM files.
    • Image captures are saved as PNG files.