Workspace ONE AirLift exports Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr) applications so you can add the applications toWorkspace ONE UEM. This export simplifies the process of migrating your applications to Workspace ONE UEM without the need for repackaging.

Workspace ONE AirLift displays your existing ConfigMgr applications and the relevant validation information. The applications display in the Applications list view with relevant information. These applications must be an .MSI or .EXE (using the script installer deployment type) file type. You can also use ZIP files. Workspace ONE AirLift supports file system and Windows Installer detection methods. If your application uses MST and MSP files, Workspace ONE AirLift includes those files in the export.

For more information on how Workspace ONE AirLift handles multiple deployment types, see Workspace ONE UEM App Export Considerations.

The Validation column displays the application validation status. If the install context of an application is set to both system and user install context, AirLift defaults to Device context in Workspace ONE UEM.

Consider exporting the applications with a green Validation status first. Apps with red or yellow statuses might require additional configuration.

The Status column displays the export status of your applications.

You can review the state of your application validation by selecting the Report button. This button download a .CSV file onto your machine that reviews the state of all your application validations.

The Workspace Application column displays the name of the application after it is added to Workspace ONE UEM.