VMware Workspace ONE AirLift is a server-side connector that simplifies and speeds your journey to modern management. Workspace ONE AirLift bridges administrative frameworks between Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr), Active Directory, and Workspace ONE UEM powered by AirWatch.

This bridge allows you to focus on moving workloads and applications to Workspace ONE UEM without redefining device and group memberships. Workspace ONE AirLift lets you export collections, apps, and policies to Workspace ONE UEM on a case-by-case basis.

The dashboard provides a visualization of the transition and shows the progress for devices and applications. The dashboard also displays top modern management workloads to show you what functionality you use on your devices. You can also see an enrollment history and percentage complete within ConfigMgr collections.

Admin Credentials in ConfigMgr

Workspace ONE AirLift communicates with ConfigMgr for collection mapping, app exporting, and enrollment. Workspace ONE AirLift requires an admin account with a minimum level of permissions in ConfigMgr. To create an admin account, access the listed permissions in the ConfigMgr Requirements section in Workspace ONE AirLift Requirements.


Workspace ONE AirLift allows you to map your existing ConfigMgr device collections to Workspace ONE UEM smart groups. Workspace ONE AirLift dynamically monitors the device collections and keeps both platforms consistent. Workspace ONE AirLift uses Workspace ONE UEM tags to add devices to smart groups after enrollment. These tags use a naming scheme with the prefix co-mgt to clarify the source of the membership. This process is called ‘collection mapping’ and is accomplished in the Workspace ONE AirLift console. You can remove mappings once the transition to modern management is complete.


Workspace ONE AirLift allows you to enroll devices Workspace ONE UEM with a ConfigMgr enrollment application. Configure and create the enrollment application with a blueprint and the required software. Simplify and speed up the transition to modern management for proof of concepts, pilots, and production implementations using collection mapping and streamlined enrollment with Workspace ONE AirLift.


Workspace ONE AirLift also provides the means to export applications from ConfigMgr to Workspace ONE UEM. You can then deploy and manage applications from the Workspace ONE platform. Workspace ONE AirLift provides validations so you aware of any additional configuration applications might need. You can also create an app validation report for project plans that involve app rationalization or portfolio management. The CSV-format report allows you to target a specific list of apps and view and validations issues that need to be addresses before you export.


You can have a burdensome number of group policies in your current environment and want to transition some of these policies to modern management. Workspace ONE AirLift lets you map and export your existing GPO policies to the Workspace ONE UEM console. Workspace ONE UEM converts these exported policies into MDM policies with custom profiles based on Windows Configuration Service Providers.