When the need arises, remove a mapping from a collection in Workspace ONE AirLift to break the relationship between a collection and a smart group.

Remove a mapping after you have enrolled all the devices in the map, no longer want to connect a collection to a smart group, or simply want to clean up after enrolling your devices.


  1. In Workspace ONE AirLift, navigate to the Collections tab.
  2. Select the collection that you want to remove the mapping from.
  3. Select Map.
  4. In the Map to Workspace ONE window, select Remove.
  5. In the Remove Mapping prompt, select whether you want to keep any devices in their Workspace ONE UEM smart group.
    1. If you select Yes, the device remains in the smart group.
    2. If you select No, the device is removed from the smart group. The device remains in Workspace ONE UEM, but all profiles, applications, and tags associated with the smart group are removed.
  6. Select Remove.


Workspace ONE AirLift now removes the relationship between the collection and the smart group.