Workspace ONE UEM powered by AirWatch is committed to providing teachers and students with the tools they need to maximize learning. AirWatch Education works in conjunction with Apple EDU to offer state of the art device management and collaboration to enhance the classroom technology experience and benefit students.


As part of AirWatch Education, Workspace ONE UEM provides a configuration called AirWatch School Manager. AirWatch School Manager empowers teachers to create interactive mobile learning experiences for students. Teachers can focus on the students, and the students can focus on learning.

The AirWatch School Manager enables you to:

  • Install an MDM profile on an iPad that is not removable.
  • Provision devices over-the-air with extra security and configuration settings.
  • Create accounts for teachers, students, and staff through bulk import , manual creation, or Active Directory integration.

Students can access an assigned suite of apps for each class they take, and have instant access to their assignments and textbooks on a dedicated mobile device. Teachers can encourage and monitor student engagement, and administrators can track device usage for security.