Each Android device in your organization's deployment must be enrolled before it can communicate with the Workspace ONE UEM console and access internal content and features.

The Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub provides a single resource to enroll a device and provides device and connection details. Hub-based enrollment allows you to:

  • Authenticate users using basic or directory services, such as AD/LDAP/Domino, SAML, tokens, or proxies.
  • Register devices in bulk or allow users to self-register.
  • Define approved OS versions, models, and maximum number of devices per user.
  • Authenticate enrollment using Workspace ONE Access during auto enrollment.

Android (Legacy) deployment allows you to enroll Android devices with the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub as the device administrator if you've opted out of Google registration. For enrolling devices using Android (Legacy) deployment, see Android (Legacy) Enrollment Overview in the Workspace ONE Android (Legacy) documentation.