Deploy a restrictions payload for added security on Android devices. Restrictions payloads devices can disable end-user access to device features to make sure devices are not tampered with.


  1. Navigate to Resources > Profiles & Baselines > Profiles > Add > Add Profile > Android.
  2. Configure the profile's General settings as appropriate.
  3. Select the Restrictions profile and configure the settings:
    Settings Description
    Device Functionality Device-level restrictions can disable core device functionality such as the camera, screen-capture and factory reset to help improve productivity and security. For example, disabling the camera protects sensitive materials from being photographed and transmitted outside of your organization. Prohibiting device screen captures helps protect the confidentiality of corporate content on the device.
    Application Application-level restrictions can disable certain applications such as YouTube and native browser, which lets you to enforce adherence to corporate policies for device usage.
    Sync and Storage Control how information is stored on devices, allowing you to maintain the highest balance of productivity and security. For example, disabling Google or USB Backup keeps corporate mobile data on each managed device and out of the wrong hands.
    Network Prevent devices from accessing Wi-Fi and data connections to ensure that end users are not viewing sensitive information through an insecure connection.
    Work and Personal

    Determine how information is accessed or shared between personal container and work container. These settings apply to the Work Profile Mode only.

    Location Services Configure Location Service settings for Work Managed devices only.
    Samsung Knox

    Configure restrictions specifically for Android devices running Samsung Knox. This section is only available when OEM Settings in the General Profile is enabled and Samsung is selected from the Select OEM field.

  4. Select Save & Publish to assign the profile to associated devices.