For Android v5.0 and Android v6.0, the AirWatch Relay app provides a NFC bump option that automatically configures region, Wi-Fi, provisioning settings, and enrollment settings.


  1. Download the AirWatch Relay app from the Google Play Store to the parent device and launch the app once complete.
  2. Review the 'For AirWatch Admins' screen and select Next to proceed to the wizard.
    This screen will allow you to view or skip to a setup wizard which provides a descriptions of the purpose of the app and a tutorial of the NFC bump.
  3. Tap Setup on the desired option to Provision devices in 2 bumps (Can be performed on Android 5.0 to Android 6.0 devices).
    If using Android 6.0 or later, select Provisioning devices in a single bump(Android 6.0 or later). For instructions for Android 6.0+ devices, please see Provisioning Work Managed Device with AirWatch Relay for Android 6.0+ Devices.
  4. From the parent device, define the following settings:
    Setting Description
    Local Time Enable this field for the device to automatically configure with local time.
    Time Zone Select the time zone.
    Locale Select the location your device will be enabled.
    Wi-Fi Network Specify the Wi-Fi network the device will connect to.
    Security Type Determine the encryption type for the connection.
    Wi-Fi Password Enter the Wi-Fi Password.
    Encrypt Device Enable this field to indicate that device encryption can be skipped as part of Work Managed device provisioning.
    Disable System Apps

    If this field is enabled, Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub disables system apps during set up.

  5. Tap Ready from the parent device to perform bump one.
  6. Perform the first NFC bump by touching the parent and child device back to back. The child device should be in factory reset mode which will ensure the device is not being used for personal use.
    Prior to performing a factory reset on child devices (if the device isn't new out of the box), disable the lock screen and remove any existing Google account configured on the device. Device Protection is a feature for Android 5.1 that requires uses to enter the Google account credentials prior to performing a factory reset. If you disable lock screen and remove existing Google account, you will not be prompted for credentials and enrollment will not be hindered.
  7. Tap Touch to Beam on the parent device with the devices still back to back.
  8. Tap Encrypt on the child device with the devices still back to back.

    This step only applies if Encrypt Device is not enabled, otherwise it will be automatically accepted.

    The child device will automatically:

    • Connect to the Wi-Fi network defined in the AirWatch Relay app.
    • Download and silently install the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub.
    • Set the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub as device administrator.
    • Reset the device.

    After the child device has reset, the device is provisioned for Work Managed Mode and bump one is complete. A welcome screen displays on your child device. To verify this from the child device, navigate to Device Settings > Security > Device Administrators to view Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub listed as the device administrator. End users will not be able to deactivate this setting.

    You will also notice on the device homescreen the pre-downloaded apps allowed. Any other applications will need to be approved by the administrator from the Workspace ONE UEM console .

    If you have several devices to enroll in your device fleet, then repeat NFC bump one on each child device to provision them in Work Managed Device mode. If not, proceed to enrollment.

    Alternatively, you can choose to enroll the child devices manually and skip the second NFC bump steps outlined below. You will need to enter enrollment details manually on each device. For additional enrollment flows, please see Additional Enrollment Workflows in the Mobile Device Management (MDM) documenation.

  9. Return to the AirWatch Relay app, from the parent device, and tap Enroll.
  10. Define the enrollment settings. These setting will be used to automate enrollment of child devices.
    Setting Description
    Server Enter the server URL or hostname.
    Group ID Enter an identifier for the organization group for the end users to use for device to log in.
  11. Tap Ready.
  12. Perform the second NFC bump by bringing the parent and child device back to back and tap Touch to Beam on the child device to begin enrollment. The second NFC bump must be performed after the Setup Wizard has been completed. Wait until the Setup Wizard completes and directs you to the device home page before performing the second NFC bump to configure the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub.
  13. Enter the credentials for the corporate Google account tied to the user. You will be prompted with the Google account password screen. If you are enrolled as a Managed Google Play account, this screen does not display.
  14. Tap Next to proceed to the My Device page (shown in the image above).

What to do next

If enrollment was successful, the My Device page will display on the child device (shown above). All profiles and applications will start to automatically push to the device. You will repeat the enrollment steps for each device needing to be enrolled in your device fleet.