You can perform one time command devices including lock and wipe device, and change passcode from the Workspace ONE UEM console. These command apply depending on the enrollment type of the the device.

The following commands are available from this view:

  • Lock Device – Lock all selected devices and force users to re-enter device security PIN. This option applies to the Work Profile and Work Managed Devices.

  • Device Wipe – Wipes all data from the selected device, including all data, email, profiles and MDM capabilities and returns the device to factory default settings. This setting only applies to the Work Managed Device type. If Enterprise Factory Protection is enabled, you will see a prompt that allows you to disable Enterprise Factory Reset Protection prior to the wipe.

  • Clear Passcode -

    • Select Device to clear the device passcode. This command is not available for Work Profile.

    • Select Clear Work Passcode to remove the work security challenge on the device. For Android 8.0 or later.

    • The user receives is alerted several times to input a passcode, but they are not blocked from performing any other functions on their device. You can configure a compliance policy or use the settings in the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub for Android to create and enforce a passcode being re-added to the device.

  • Management

    • Select Change Device Passcode to change the device passcode. This command is not available for Work Profile.

    • Select Reboot Device to remotely restart the device. This command is not support on Work Profile mode.

    • Select Reset Work Passcode to change the Work profile passcode.