This Google User ID allows you to reset the device without the original Google account. Obtain your Google userID using the People:get API to configure the profile.

FRP can also be removed when performing a device wipe on the device from the device management commands. For more information on device management, see Device Management Commands (Android).


  1. Navigate to People:get.
  2. In the Try this API window, configure the following settings.
    Setting Description
    resourceName Enter people/me.
    personFields Enter metadata,emailAddresses
    requestMask.includefield Leave this field empty.
    Credentials Enable both the Google OAuth 2.0 and API Key fields.
  3. Select Execute.
  4. Sign into your Google account, if prompted. This is the account used to unlock devices when FRP is enabled.
  5. Select Allow to grant permissions.
  6. Find the 21-digit in the application/json tab in the id field.
  7. Return to the Workspace ONE UEM console and configure the Enterprise Factory Reset Protection profile.

What to do next

Enter the Google user ID in the Enterprise Factory Reset Protection profile. See Configure Enterprise Factory Reset Protection Profile for Android.