SafetyNet Attestation is a Google API used to validate the integrity of the device ensuring the device is not compromised.

SafetyNet validates software and hardware information on the device and creates a profile of that device. This attestation helps determine if a particular device has been tampered or modified. When the Workspace ONE UEM console runs the SafetyNet Attestation API and reports the device has been compromised, the UEM console Device Details page reports the device as compromised. If SafetyNet Attestation detects the device as compromised, the only way to revert a device compromised state is to re-enroll the affected device.

It is important to note that SafetyNet Attestation does not re-evaluate compromised status after it is initially reported.

SafetyNet Attestation is only supported with Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub.

For more information, see Enable SafetyNet Attestation.