The Workspace ONE UEM console makes migrating your devices from Device Administrator, or Android (Legacy), to Work Managed Mode with Android Enterprise with the Legacy Migration Tool.

The Android Legacy Migration Tool lets you complete all prerequisites, select smart groups, upload the migration certificate, and a dashboard to view a summary page of the migrated devices including eligilibity status and reason for failure or success.
Note: Do not power off devices during the migration.


Be sure to have completed the prerequisites to avoid failed migration or users not being able to access all apps they need. For more information on prerequisites see: Prerequisites for Migrating to Work Managed Device Using Legacy Migration Tool.


  1. Navigate to Devices > Lifecycle > Legacy Android Migration > New > and select Work Managed from the Select Migration Type window.
  2. Complete the Prerequisites and select Next to proceed to the Details to select the smart groups you want to migrate:
    Setting Description

    Enter a friendly name for the migration group.


    Enter detailed description of the migration group.

    Smart Groups

    Specify which smart groups to receive the migration. Smart Groups must include Android (Legacy) deployments.

    You will receive an error message if a Smart Group is not eligible to be included in the migration.

    Migration Certificate Select the Upload button to upload the migration certificate for your Zebra devices.

    Contact Zebra support to retrieve a certificate for your company, which is required from a security perspective to ensure the integrity of the migration.

  3. Select Validate to retrieve the number of devices eligible for migration.
    It may take several minutes for the migration to complete.

    On the next page, the UEM console displays the list of eligible devices. To proceed with migration, click Create.


You will see a list of migration assignments. You can click on each to see additional details and check the migration status for each device.

On the device, the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub for Android displays and pins to the homescreen during the migration, and unpins once migration completes.

What to do next

See the Migration Details Page for addtiional information.