Workspace ONE UEM allows you to configure Shared iPads using the UEM console.

Perform the following task to set up a Shared iPad in the Workspace ONE UEM console.


  1. Configure a DEP profile. For more information on how to add a DEP profile, see Create or Edit the DEP Enrollment Profile.

    While adding a profile, select the following options specifically to enable shared devices:

    • Custom Enrollment: OFF

    • Authentication: OFF

    • Staging Mode: Multi user device

    • Default Staging User: Enter the staging user

    • Shared Devices: Enabled

  2. To assign a profile, navigate to Devices > Lifecycle > Enrollment Status > Select a Device > More Actions > Assign a Profile. For more information, see Manually Assign or Remove a DEP Profile.
  3. If you want to assign smart groups only for shared devices, see Create a Smart Group.

    In Enrollment Catagory, you must select Selected as Apple - Shared iPad.

  4. Configure Managed Apple IDs for your enrollment users. For managing Apple IDs, see Manage Apple IDs.
  5. To select which Organization Group a Shared iPad will move when a user logs in, navigate to All Settings > Devices & Users > General >Shared Device. Select the appropriate option.

    Since there is no method to Prompt User for Group ID, selecting this option will default to using a Fixed Organization Group.