Follow the best practices for uploading tokens to any organization group in the UEM console.

  • The token determines which device you can assign that profile to. Administrators can add profiles for the tokens at the current, parent, or child organization groups where the DEP is configured.
  • Administrators can override DEP settings and add a new token at the child organization groups.
  • Review the Last Successful Sync time to view when the most recent successful DEP device synchronization was completed for a DEP account.
  • Use the Sync Devices option on the Enrollment Status page to manually synchronize the new devices and updates into Workspace ONE UEM.
  • The Fetch All Devices option synchronizes all the devices assigned to this token in Apple Business Manager with the UEM console, including the devices that are already synchronized. This option must only be used as a final alternative to fully refresh and resynchronize all your devices from Apple Business Manager.