Associate devices with the MDM server in the DEP portal so that they can be synced and managed with Workspace ONE UEM. You can assign additional devices later using these same steps, if necessary.

Associate Devices in ABM

Perform the following steps:
  1. Log into the Apple Business Manager portal and select Apple's Device Enrollment Program.
  2. Select Device Assignment > Manage Devices in the left pane to assign DEP-enabled devices to the MDM Server you already created.
  3.  Select the method for associating devices and Choose Devices:
    • Serial Number – You can enter a list of device serial numbers.
    • Order Number – You can enter your Apple Purchase Order number and have devices added automatically.
    • Upload a .csv File – Upload a CSV file listing the serial numbers.
  4. Select Assign to Server as the Action and select the MDM server group.
  5. Click Done.

You have successfully associated the devices to the MDM server group.

Disassociate Devices in ABM

If necessary, you can manually disassociate a device from the Apple Business Manager. Do this if the device was lost or stolen.
  1. Return to the Apple Business Manager portal and manually disassociate it from the MDM server that you initially created.
  2. Navigate to Device Assignments > Choose Devices.
  3. Enter the Serial Number.
  4. In Choose Action, select Unassign Devices and click Done.
  5. To sync the devices in the Workspace ONE UEM, navigate to Devices > Enrollment Status.
  6. In the ADD dropdown menu, select Sync Devices and click Sync. Follow the prompt to complete the process.