Workspace ONE UEM can deploy your applications as managed and unmanaged. The Workspace ONE UEM console can perform particular tasks for the managed content that it cannot perform for the unmanaged content.

Explanation of Managed

Use the Workspace ONE UEM public application feature to search and upload public applications from app stores. If you use another way to add public applications to devices,Workspace ONE UEM does not manage these applications. Management functions include these features.

  • Automatically deploy applications to devices through a catalog for installation.
  • Deploy versions of applications.
  • Feature applications in catalogs so that device users can easily access and install them.
  • Track installations of applications and push the installation from the console.
  • To remove the applications from devices but to keep them in Workspace ONE UEM, you can deactivate public applications.
  • Delete applications and all their versions from Workspace ONE UEM and from devices.

Benefits of Management

Workspace ONE UEM can manage most applications unless there is a platform-specific reason hindering management or you upload the public content without searching for it in an app store.

  • Managed content
    • Distribute – Workspace ONE UEM pushes managed content with a catalog to devices. The catalog automatically installs content or makes the content available for download depending upon the configured push mode.
    • Remove – Workspace ONE UEM can remove the managed content off devices.
  • Unmanaged content
    • Distribute – Workspace ONE UEM must direct end users through the catalog to an app store to download documents.
    • Remove – Workspace ONE UEM cannot remove the unmanaged content from devices.