You can deploy SaaS applications to users and groups configured from your Active Directory system. The system identifies users and groups by a name and a domain. Users and groups are not the same as Workspace ONE UEM console smart groups and you configure them in Workspace ONE Access.


  1. Navigate to Resources > Apps > SaaS.
  2. Select the SaaS application and then choose Assign.
  3. Complete the assignment options.
    Setting Description
    Users / User Groups Enter users and user groups that receive the application assignment.

    Users and user groups are enabled to sign in to Workspace ONE.

    Deployment Type
    • User-Activated - Requires users to select applications in the Workspace ONE Catalog and to add them to the Launcher to activate them.
    • Automatic - Displays applications in the Launcher of Workspace ONE the next time users log in to the Workspace ONE portal.
  4. Save assignment settings.