You can use a book catalog so that your end-users can access books. The system pushes all books on-demand so users need the catalog to retrieve book assets.

Send the Book Catalog in the form of a Web Clip profile to iOS devices.


  1. Navigate to Devices > Profiles> List View, and then select Add and Add Profile.
  2. Select iOS Apple.
  3. Configure the General payload settings.
  4. Select Web Clips for iOS devices from the payload list.
  5. Click Configure and enter the Web clip parameters.
    Setting Description
    Label Displays the name for the Web Clip on managed devices. For example, AirWatch Book Catalog.
    URL Enter the Book Catalog URL in the format of https://<Environment > /Catalog/BookCatalog?uid={DeviceUid} where <Environment> is the URL to your MDM Server.

    In a multi-server on-premises deployment, this URL is your Device Services server URL.

    Removable Sets the device user with the ability to remove the Web clip.
    Icon Upload an icon for the Web clip as a graphic file in GIF, JPG, or PNG format.

    Icon Size Suggestion

    For best results, provide a square image no larger than 400 pixels on each side and less than 1 MB when uncompressed. The graphic is automatically scaled and cropped to fit, if necessary, and converted to PNG format.

    Web clip icons are 104 x 104 pixels for devices with a retina display or 57 x 57 pixels for all other devices.

    Precomposed Icon Select this option to display the icon without any visual effects.
    Full Screen Sets the Web clip to open in full screen mode.
    Show in App Catalog/Container You do not need to configure this option, and you can leave this option disabled.
  6. When complete, select Save and Publish to deploy the web-based book catalog to devices.