With the launch of Dell Enterprise Chromebook line, you can use the Workspace ONE UEM console to configure Dell-specific management capabilities.


You will need to configure the General profile settings as appropriate by navigating to Devices > Profiles & Resources > Add > Add Profile > Chrome OS > Device and select General. Once you've configured applicable settings, select Dell to configure these settings.

Some of the settings are based on a manual JSON configuration which requires you to gather information outside of the Workspace ONE UEM console. Follow the provided links to the Chrome Enterprise documentation to copy the JSON, edit with your specific settings in a text editor or the fields in the console, and paste into the appropriate fields of the Dell profile. When you paste the JSON text into the fields in the UEM console, make sure the text editor does not modify any of the text, such as replacing quotation marks.


  1. Select Device > Configure to open settings.
  2. Configure the following settings as desired for your organization.
    Setting Description
    Support Assist Dell SupportAssist is a subscription based service, which monitors device health to proactively address any potential issues, such as viruses or hardware failure. When enabled, enter the custom JSON text retrieved from Dell TechDirect in the SupportAssist Configuration field.

    Follow the instructions from the prerequisites section to retrieve and configure the JSON payload, see Configure SupportAssist.
    Advanced Battery Charge Mode This setting should be used in order to prolong the health of the battery during the work day. During the set schedule, AC charging will be controlled in order to keep devices at a lower, healthy charge level. Express charging will be used intermittently to maintain the percentage. Additionally, devices will only be charged to full capacity one time per day, prior to the start of the schedule. This setting will also override the Primary Battery Charge Mode during the set schedule. Outside of the schedule, devices will charge normally, or according to the Primary Battery Charge Mode.

    Follow the instructions in the prerequisites section to retrieve and paste the JSON text into this fieldhttps://cloud.google.com/docs/chrome-enterprise/policies/?policy=DeviceAdvancedBatteryChargeModeDayConfig
    Primary Battery Charge Mode Helps to minimize wear and extend battery life by dynamically controlling battery charging.These settings are as follows:
    • Standard: Battery is fully charged using the standard charge rate
    • Express charge: Battery is charged rapidly using fast charge technology
    • Primarily AC use: Extends the lifespan of the battery for devices that are usually plugged into an AC power source
    • Adaptive: Battery settings are dynamically optimized based on the battery usage pattern
    • Custom: Set custom start and stop percentage values at which the battery will begin and end charging.
    Scheduled Update Configuration Determine when and how frequently devices will wake to check and install available updates.

    Follow the instructions in the prerequisites section to retrieve and configure the JSON payload: https://cloud.google.com/docs/chrome-enterprise/policies/?policy=DeviceScheduledUpdateCheck

    Power Source Configuration Set power source thresholds to help minimize AC consumption during peak power times of the day for countries with AC power restrictions.

    Use this setting to set the per-day schedule during which the Power Source Shift Threshold will be applied. The custom schedule is mandatory to enable Power Source Configuration

    This setting is also known as Peak Shift.

    Use the Power Source Shift Threshold to enter a battery percentage between 15-100 at which devices will shift back to AC power. Any percentage higher than the set threshold will use battery power only, even when the device is connected to an AC power source.

    Use Power Source Custom Configuration to configure JSON payload to customize AC power consumption per day.

    Use the guidance when configuring the JSON:

    • start_time: The time at which Power Source Shift Threshold goes into effect. This value must be less than or equal to end_time.
    • end_time: The time at which Power Source Shift Threshold stops taking effect. This value must be greater than or equal to start_time and less than or equal to charge_start_time.
    • charge_start_time: The time at which normal AC charging resumes. This value must be greater than or equal to end_time

    For more guidancence on the Power Source Configuration, see the Google documentation: https://cloud.google.com/docs/chrome-enterprise/policies/?policy=DevicePowerPeakShiftDayConfig

    Power On When AC is Connected Automatically wakes device from powered-off or hibernation state when AC power is connected.
    Allow Power Sharing Through USB Allows external USB devices to be charged even when devices are in sleep mode.
    Device Dock MAC Address Source This setting can be used in the case that MAC address-based network restrictions or filtering is used. You can choose the source of the MAC Address when a dock is connected. Below are the options:
    • Use designated dock MAC address: This is a virtual MAC address assigned to the dock
    • Use device's built-in MAC address: This is the physical MAC address of the Chrome OS device's built-in network card
    • Use dock's built-in MAC address: This is the physical MAC address of the dock's built-in network card
  3. Select Save and Publish.