The Kiosk profile allows you to lock the device into a single app until the policy is removed.


  1. Navigate to Resources > Profiles & Baselines > Profiles > Add > Add Profile > Chrome OS.
  2. Select Device to deploy to device policy profiles.
  3. Configure the General profile settings. These General profile settings determine how the profile deploys and who receives it.
  4. Select the Kiosk profile and select Configure.
  5. Configure the following settings as desired for your organization:
    Settings Description
    Application Name Enter Application Name for corresponding application ID.
    Application Identifier Enter the application identifier. Find the desired app in the Chrome Web Store and copy the ID from the URL which includes everything after the last forward slash.
    Auto Login Bailout Enable users to press the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Alt+S) to prevent auto start of the app at device start-up. By default, the user has 3 seconds to press a shortcut to prevent auto-launch.
    Prompt for Network Offline

    Enable to display network configuration prompt when the device cannot connect to the network.

    Important: If both Prompts for Network Offline and Auto Login Bailout settings are disabled, the device might become unusable when there is no Internet access and has to go through the recovery process. If the device is offline atstart-upp, the network configuration screen always displays, before auto-launch.
    Extension Policy Enable to configure applications with JSON. Refer to the app developer’s documentation for the format expected by the app.
    System Log Upload (Every 12 Hours) Enable to send system logs to the Chrome Admin Console in 12-hourr increments.
    Monitor Online/Offline Status Enable to receive alerts if the device is online or offline.
    Send Email if Device is Offline Enable and enter email address with comma separation if more than one. Use this setting if Monitor Online/Offline Status is enabled.
    Send SMS if Device is offline Enable and enter the phone number with comma separation if more than one.
  6. Select Save and Publish.