The More drop down on the Device Details page enables you to perform remote actions over-the-air to the selected device. The actions listed vary depending on factors such as device platform, Workspace ONE UEM console settings, and enrollment status.

  • Enterprise Wipe – Enterprise Wipe deprovisions selected Chrome OS devices from management in the Workspace ONE UEM console. Devices will continue to show as managed to the end user, but the UEM console shows the device as unenrolled in the Device Details page. All device policies are removed and policy updates are not sent to devices after the enterprise wipe. User Policies will remain intact on the device, as these are not dependent on device enrollment. In order to completely wipe device or to reenroll the device, a powerwash (full device wipe) is required.
    • Before the enterprise wipe processes, choose what happens with the Chrome OS license assigned to the device. Select Different Replacement Model, Retiring Device, or Same Model Replacement. The reason is stored in the UEM console Event Log. For annual licences, you can simply reassign to another device. For perpetual licences:
      • Replacement devices will need to be purchased with a perpetural license upgrade.
      • The licence can be transferred to a different device with the same model.
      • If the device is being retired, any new devices purchased will need to be purchased with a Chrome Enterprise license ugprade.
  • Enable Lost Mode – Allows you to remotely disable devices that have been lost or stolen. When enabled, you can set a custom message to display on the lock screen through the Chrome OS device profile. While disabled, the device cannot be used for any purpose. Devices can then be re-enabled remotely once they are found.