Understand the common errors that can occur after the Content Gateway configuration on Unified Access Gateway.

Content Gateway does not have specific error codes or messages to communicate the errors. You can identify the errors in the Content Gateway instance using the standard HTTP status codes. To troubleshoot errors on Unified Access Gateway, see Troubleshooting Unified Access Gateway Deployment.

Connection and Repository Error Logs

Log files on Content Gateway test connection failures, repository-related errors when accessed through Content Gateway, upload or download related issues from the device can be obtained from the Unified Access Gateway log archive. You can download the UAG-log-archive.zip file from the Support Settings section in the Unified Access Gateway Admin UI. For more information on log files, see Collecting Logs from the Unified Access Gateway Appliance.

Verify Packet Install Status

To check information about a specific package installed on the Unified Access Gateway Photon Machine, use the following command:
 $ tdnf info <packagename>

Verify Content Gateway Connectivity

To check the health API endpoint connectivity, use the following URL on your browser.

The URL returns the HTTP status as 403 on the browser. You must mention the port if Content Gateway is configured using any port other than 443 on Unified Access Gateway.