After logging into the print server, the NETira Connect for AirWatch (Configuration) screen displays.

To configure the print server:

  1. Click once in the empty HMAC Key field and paste the contents of the clipboard.
  2. Complete the Registration URL field by appending /deviceservices/peripheralservice/v1/register/ to the URL found by navigating to Groups & Settings > All Settings > System > Advanced > Site URLs > Device Services URL (minus ‘DeviceServices’ at the end).

  3. In the AirWatch Notify Point field, enter the DNS name associated with a signed certificate. Follow the DNS name with a colon and the appropriate port number followed by /aw-notify. Example:

  4. In the Group ID field, enter the group ID used while registering the print server in Workspace ONE UEM.

  5. Select the “…” option to the right of the Certificate file field to browse for the .pfx file you created earlier.

  6. Navigate to and select the .pfx file from the certificate folder on your desktop and select Open.

  7. The .pfx file gets listed in the box next to the Certificate file field.

  8. Select the contents of the Print Server UID field and copy the entire string to the clipboard and select Register Server.