Create printer profiles containing the printer attributes and settings from the UEM console and push it to devices. You can also create multiple profiles as required.

To create printer profiles:

  1. Log into the UEM console.
  2. Navigate to Devices > Printers > Printer Settings > Printer Profiles.
  3. Select Add Profile to add a new printer profile.
  4. Select DataMax-O’Neil.
  5. You will be redirected to the General tab of the Add Profile screen. Enter Name and Description of the printer profile in the respective fields.
  6. For Assignment Type, select from the two choices from the drop-down menu.
    • Auto – The profile is sent automatically to the printers within the Assigned Smart Groups. For more information on Smart Groups, please refer to the VMware Workspace ONE UEM Mobile Device Management Guide.
    • Optional – The profile is assigned to the selected smart groups but it must be manually pushed to the groups by the IT admin.To manually push the profiles:
      1. Navigate to Devices > Printer Settings > Printer Profiles.
      2. Select the icon of the profile that must be manually pushed.
      3. From the View Devices screen displays, select Install Profile.
  7. Different payloads relevant to the Datamax-O'Neil printers appear on the left-side of the screen.
  8. When you have completed entering the desired fields in the profile category, select Save & Publish.
Note: Until Workspace ONE UEM receives acknowledgment from the print server that a print profile has been installed for a particular printer ID, the profile will be in the ‘Pending Install’ state for that device. Once acknowledgment is received for a particular printer, the status changes to ‘Installed’ for the specified printer with the appearance of a green check mark.