Installing the print server is the most important step in establishing a link between Workspace ONE UEM and the printer. Installation of the print server can be accomplished from the Datamax-O'Neil website.

To install the print server:

  1. Navigate to Datamax-O’Neil website by selecting
  2. Select Support & Downloads > Downloads & Drivers.
  3. From the drop-down menu, select your product and then select RL4e.
  4. Under Software & Tools, select Utility and download NETira-CA_Setup.msi.

  5. Once the file is downloaded, execute the downloaded NETira-CA_Setup.msi file and install the print server.

  6. After completion, an icon labeled NETira-CA appears on the desktop.

  7. Run this program to load it in the System Tray. Now, double-click the icon in the System Tray to login to the Datamax-O’Neil Printer Server.

  1. In the User Name field, enter Admin. In the Password field, enter adm1n and select Login.