Workspace ONE UEM Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution supports a number of Datamax-O'Neil printers. To integrate Workspace ONE UEM with the Datamax-O’Neil print server, it is essential to meet the necessary requirements.

Supported Devices

Workspace ONE UEM supports the following Datamax-O’Neil printers:

  • RL3 (firmware version 8.05_0051 or newer)
  • RL4 (firmware version 8.05_0051 or newer)
  • RL3e (firmware version 18.05_0051 or newer)
  • RL4e (firmware version 18.05_0051 or newer)
  • LP3e


There are three sets of requirements that needs to be met before integrating Workspace ONE UEM and Datamax-O’Neil printers.

Server Requirements

You can install the Datamax-O’Neil print server on a Workspace ONE UEM server or any other server that can communicate with a Workspace ONE UEM server.

Software Requirements

In addition to Windows Server 2008, the overall system is comprised of three programs: Workspace ONE UEM, NETira-CA and NETira-CT.

  • Windows Server 2008 or R2
  • Workspace ONE UEM 8.0 or greater

    • Subscription to Workspace ONE UEM services and all related information:

      • Workspace ONE UEM customer number
      • Login Screen URL

      • Username & password

      • Printer Server Registration URL

  • Datamax-O’Neil NETira-CA software
    • Public-facing IP address of server hosting NETira-CA

  • Datamax-O’Neil NETira-CT software

NETira-CA and Workspace ONE UEM work together to send commands to the Datamax printers, and in turn receive input from the printers. In short, they work together to manage the Datamax printers. In this case, the NET-ira CA functions as the print server between the UEM console and the Datamax printers.

Through the UEM console, you can view details, troubleshoot, configure, and monitor enrolled Datamax printers.

Device Firmware Requirements

  • Firmware versions vary based on model