Workspace ONE UEM ensures that device management and syncing continues even during rare lapses in connectivity. You can improve the performance of Directory Services by ensuring that the server maximizes available resources.

Skipping a Tenant After Three Sync Timeouts

If a tenant's directory sync times out three times in a row, Workspace ONE UEM skips that tenant and proceeds to synchronize the next tenant, as applicable. A sync times out if a device does not respond for 15 minutes. This timing means that the maximum delay is 45 minutes before the next tenant sync attempt.

A console event log is created after the third sync timeout with the following properties.

  • Name of event – EnterpriseIntegrationLDAPSyncError.
  • Event data – OG name, error description (Sync failed three times in a row. Sync skipped.).
  • Event severity level – Error.

Skipping a Tenant After VMware Enterprise Systems Connector Connection Error

Also, if the link to the VMware Enterprise Systems Connector is not working or if the test connection fails, then the sync fails to begin. The next tenant sync commences according to the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) configuration.

The console event log is created after an VMware Enterprise Systems Connector connection error with the following properties.

  • Name of event – EnterpriseIntegrationACCConnectionFailed.
  • Event data – Reason and OG name.
  • Event severity level – Error.

For more information about the Event Log, see the VMware AirWatch Logging Guide, available on

Troubleshooting Synchronization Errors

Ensure the Directory Sync Service and the Scheduler Service are running on the same server, since they write to and read from the same queues.