Use functionality in Apple Configurator 2 to create a Wi-Fi profile and apply a blueprint that allows devices to automatically enroll with the UEM console.


  1. Navigate to File > New Profile in Apple Configurator 2.
  2. Select Wi-Fi >  Configure and enter the profile information. Optionally, choose to sign the profile. Then save the profile configuration.
  3. Navigate to Blueprints > Edit Blueprints > New to prepare a blueprint to apply to the profile.
  4. Select the blueprint and select Prepare.
  5. Choose Automated Enrollment from the Configuration drop-down menu. Select Next.
  6. Choose the configuration profile that you just created. Select Next.
    1. If required, enter the credentials for the MDM server if Authentication was turned on when configuring a Device Enrollment Program profile.
  7. Select Prepare.
  8. Navigate to the device browser and select a device or device group.
  9. Select Actions > Apply and choose the blueprint needed for enrollment.


All blueprint actions and profiles are pushed to devices.