Use Apple School Manager (ASM) to create classes, individuals, managed Apple IDs and a virtual MDM server container to assign devices for management. Before you begin, your institution must be enrolled with ASM and an administrator account must be set up.

Do not use Internet Explorer to complete these steps.


  1. Navigate to Apple School Manager.
  2. Sign in with your organization's Apple credentials.
  3. Confirm your identity by entering the verification code.
    The Apple School Manager portal screen appears.
  4. Choose to Trust Your Browser if you are on a secure network.
  5. Select Get Started to automate MDM enrollment the first time you sign into ASM.
  6. Use the Set Up Assistant to add Managers, and Find Students Staff and Classes by connecting to your Student Information System or by uploading CSV files, and Create Accounts and Classes.
    For more information, see Apple School Manager Help.
  7. Select Close Setup Assistant when you are finished.
  8. Navigate to Device Assignments and select MDM Server in the left-navigation pane to begin configuring a server.
  9. Select Add MDM Server and enter the MDM Server Name to create a container that groups devices in the ASM portal for management in the UEM console. Leave this window and the browser session open.
    The MDM server name may refer to a server, department, or location.
  10. Navigate to the UEM console and obtain a Public Key.
  11. Select Upload File to upload the key.
  12. Download the Server Token and save it in a convenient location to upload to the UEM console later.
  13. Select Save MDM server.
  14. Choose to Assign Devices to Server and select the server name.
  15. Choose how to Manage Devices and add devices by manually adding serial numbers, order numbers, or uploading a CSV file.
  16. Select Done.