Shared iPads require specific configuration. Use the following table as a reference when completing the DEP wizard to ensure that your profile meets the following requirements.

Setting Description

Prepare devices for enrollment using the following method.

  • Turn Authentication Off for Shared iPads.
  • Set the Staging Mode to Multi-User with Default Enrollment User options.
MDM Features

Enable ALL of the following features that are required for management.

  • Supervision - Put the device in Supervised mode, which is an alternative to configuring Supervised devices using Apple Configurator 2.
  • Shared Devices - Enable this option to use Shared iPads.
  • Await Configuration - Use if the MDM server is expected to send another command such as Maximum Resident Users before the device allows the user to proceed in the Setup Assistant.

This feature is optional for Shared iPad management:

  • Device Pairing - Allow the device to sync with any workstation through iTunes, Configurator, and Xcode.
    • Optionally, set this to Disable and choose specific devices with which to pair. Select Add > Upload > Choose File and follow the prompts to upload a supervised identities certificate that was downloaded from Apple Configurator 2 to pair those devices.

Setup Assistant Choose to Skip all the Setup Assistant features except for Locations Services if you want to search for devices in Lost Mode or track devices.