View and manage the general content status of your device fleet from the Content Management Dashboard, the default content view. Use this centralized page in the console to gain immediate insights about users, to analyze the content for making business decisions, and to act on warnings.

Following are the different views and parameters that are displayed on the dashboard.

Setting Description
Storage History Overview storage quotas using the six-bar graphical summary.
User/Content Status Summarize device content compliance at a glance using the status icon graphics. Each graphic fills to represent the percentage of devices or files that are in trouble. Select these icons to view devices that are out of compliance and to take administrative action.
Content Engagement Learn which documents are the most useful and in-demand for your end users and the documents that you might consider deprecating. Select the displayed information to navigate directly to a page where you can edit your content.
User Breakdown Information about end-user activity Today, This Week, or This Month. The icons represent your end users and are filled in with the percent of end users who are active.