Content Management settings consist of various configurations related to content management.

To access the menu of available configurations, select Settings.

Setting Description

Access the configuration screens for VMware Workspace ONE Content and VMware Content Locker Sync.

Content Gateway Configure Content Gateway and download the installer.

From Workspace ONE UEM console version 9.6 onwards, Unified Access Gateway (UAG) is the recommended installation type when configuring a Content Gateway node. You can use this option to configure a new Content Gateway on Unified Access Gateway or to migrate your existing Content Gateway to Unified Access Gateway.

For more information about configuring Content Gateway on Unified Access Gateway, see Workspace ONE UEM Components on Unified Access Gateway in the UAG documentation. For information about migration, see Migrating Content Gateway to Unified Access Gateway documentation.

User Storage Configure storage quota exceptions for individual users. These exceptions provide the most granular level of storage assignment, and override organization or user group configurations set in Personal Content.
Advanced Configure file type restrictions, on-boarding and requiring content for on-boarding, and integrating with a third-party e-Signature vendor.