Configure the peer distribution system as another method to deploy Win32 applications to enterprise networks. Workspace ONE UEM partners with Adaptiva to offer the peer distribution system.


Starting 1907, Workspace ONE UEM supports a new version of the Adaptiva server. For all the existing customers, Workspace ONE UEM still supports old version of the adaptiva server. If you choose to use the latest version of the adaptiva server, upgrade the AirWatch Cloud Connector(ACC) to 1907 version.


  1. Navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > System > Enterprise Integration > Peer Distribution > Adaptiva.
  2. Download the VMware Enterprise Systems Connector and use the certificate during the Adaptiva server installation. Use the Apativa certificate that is issued after the Adaptiva server installation is complete and upload it to the Workspace ONE UEM console.
    If you do not install the server on the same machine with the other components, then install the server in the secured network so that it can communicate with the other components and the clients after you distribute them.
  3. After installing the peer-to-peer server, complete the rest of the options on the Peer Distribution page.
    Setting - Configuration Description - Configuration
    Server Name/ IP Enter the server name or IP address of the Adaptiva server..

    If you put the server on the same machine as the VMware Enterprise Systems Connector, use that name or IP address.

    Certificate Enable this feature to configure a secure mutual authentication between AirWatch Cloud Connector and Adaptiva Server.

    On enabling this setting, you can upload Adaptiva Public Certificate to the Workspace ONE UEM console.

    There are benefits to this setting:

    • AirWatch Cloud Connector and Adaptiva Server can make sure that they are talking to a legit service.
    • Achieve Transport Layer Security (TLS) between AirWatch Cloud Connector and Adaptiva Server.
    Setting - Troubleshooting Description - Troubleshooting
    Health select Validates that communication works between the peer-to-peer system and theWorkspace ONE UEM infrastructure. It also validates that the current system is using the supported peer-to-peer client and server versions.
    Publish Content Publishes every application in the system.

    This option helps to rebuild application deployments if there is a catastrophic incident.

  4. Save the settings to deploy the peer-to-peer clients to the devices in the groups entered on this page.