Create a product set to control the delivery of multiple products so a device receives only the specific product that applies to the device based on your business rules.


  1. Navigate to Devices > Provisioning > Product Sets and select the Add Product Set button.
  2. Select the platform for which you want to create the product set.
  3. Complete the General text boxes.
    Settings Descriptions
    Name Enter a name for the product sets. The name cannot be longer than 255 characters.
    Description Enter a short description for the product sets.
    Managed By Select the organization group that can edit the product sets.
  4. Select the Products tab.
  5. Select Add to add products to the product set.
  6. Create a product including manifest items, conditions, and deployment settings.
    See Create a Product for more information on creating a product. Ensure that you use the rules engine to create custom attribute-based rules for each product so the policy engine can properly assign the products.
  7. Use the Up and Down arrows to adjust product ranking based on business needs.
  8. Set products to Active if needed.
  9. Select Save to create the product set.