Before you can create an OS Upgrade file/action, you must extract the required files from the APF files. These files are extracted using the MSP Package Builder Utility.


  1. Start the MSP Package Builder Utility.
  2. Navigate to File > Open Project and select the appropriate APF file and open it in MSP Package Builder.
  3. Navigate to Tools > Convert Project to open the Convert to Project dialog box.
  4. Complete the following text boxes.
    • Name – Enter the name for the OS Upgrade project.
    • Extract FilesTo – Enter the location the files should be saved to or select the Browse button to select the location.
  5. Select OK to close the Convert to Project dialog box.
  6. Select Command from the left window pane.
  7. Select Install and copy the install command from the bottom right window pane.

    Consider copy-pasting this install command to a file (Notepad, Word, and so on) so you can access it later while creating the File/Action for the OS Upgrade.