You can delete an unwanted or unused product provisioning profile provided it is not attached to a product. Workspace ONE UEM monitors attempts to delete a profile against the list of active products.


Before you can delete a product provisioning profile, you must detach it from all products, either by deleting the product or removing the association with the profile.


  1. Navigate to Devices > Provisioning > Product List View and select the product you want to detach or delete.
    The View Product screen displays containing a read-only view of the product specifications.
  2. Select the Edit button.
    The Edit Product screen displays containing an editable view of the product.
  3. Select the Manifest tab and remove any Install Profile or Uninstall Profile steps by selecting the delete button () to the far-right of the listing.
  4. Select Save or Activate to leave the product deactivated or activated, respectively.