If a Pull Service v2.0 with Custom Discovery Text is accidentally uninstalled or becomes corrupted, you can recover the Pull Relay Server by taking the following steps.

Failure to recover the uninstalled or corrupted pull relay server may cause Workspace ONE UEM console to consider it a brand new server, causing the Pull Service to re-download all files that are already on the server. These steps apply for both Linux and Windows.


  1. Take note of the current Custom Discovery Text of the corrupted/uninstalled Pull Relay Server. There are two ways to find the current Custom Discovery Text.
    • From the UEM console.
    • From the pull server.
    1. From the UEM console, navigate to Devices > Provisioning > Relay Servers > List View, select the corrupted/uninstalled pull relay server, then open the Console Connection tab where the Custom Discovery Text is displayed.
    2. From the pull server, navigate to the install directory of the Pull Service v2.0 and open the appsettings.json file located in the /bin folder. The Custom Discovery Text can be found listed in the JSON file under "discoveryText".
  2. Navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > Enterprise Integration > Pull Service and download the latest Pull Service installer.
  3. Uninstall the existing Pull Service from the Linux machine.
  4. Run the Pull Service installer you downloaded in step 2. During the installation process, you are presented with the option to enter your own discovery text. Enter the custom discovery text your found in step 1.
    1. If using a Linux silent install, make sure you use the -DDISCOVERY_TEXT switch.
  5. Restart the pull service.


The server resumes functioning as it did before, using the exact same discovery text. The already queued items and new items are served to the same directory path as before.