In the product provisioning system of Workspace ONE UEM powered by AirWatch, when a provisioned product's Last Job Status is "Failed" on a device for whatever reason, the product push may be automatically retried up to three times per device.

This feature helps to minimize the amount of force reprocessing you must request. Enable this feature when you make a new product by navigating to Devices > Provisioning > Product List View and select the Add Product button followed by the platform selection. The Auto Retry check box is in the Deployment tab.

You can monitor for product push failures by navigating to Devices > Provisioning > Product Dashboard.

Automatic Retry Trigger

The automatic retry trigger audits each product job by making a rolling calculation of the product push failure rate. If the amount of failed product pushes is 5% or less, then an automatic retry is triggered. At this stage, individual devices are sampled and if the auto retry fails again, then another retry is attempted. This retry happens a maximum of three times per device.

If the amount of failed pushes is greater than 5% (or the rolling calculation increases to greater than 5%), then automatic retry is not triggered or the retry stops.

Manual Force Reprocess

Outside of the automatic retry flow, you can perform a manual Force Reprocess for a single device, multiple devices, or all devices for which the product is assigned.

Perform a manual Force Reprocess on a single device by taking the following steps.

  1. Navigate to Devices > List View, locate and enter the device's Details View by selecting the device from the listing.
  2. Select More > Products.
  3. Select the radio button of product you want to reprocess.
  4. Select the Force Reprocess button.

For details on how to request a Force Reprocess for multiple devices or the entire set of assigned devices for the product, see Products List View.