AWTrigger allows third-party applications to interact with the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub for QNX.

The applications interact in two ways. The first interaction is the ability to enable/disable the process of products using the fast track. This setting allows you to evaluate products regardless of any conditions enabled for the product. For example, you can install all products available for a device immediately instead of waiting for conditions or dependencies.

The second interaction ability allows you to evaluate all device readiness and detached conditions immediately. This interaction circumvents the normal check-in interval for the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub and monitors all conditions at that moment as opposed to waiting for the normal interval.

This appendix lists the commands available for use while using the Workspace ONE ™ UEM Installation Directory Command-Line entries.

AWTrigger –installnow true

This command processes all the jobs that have already reached the device (and also all the jobs that reach the device after this command has been successfully run) to be processed with immediate effect by disabling all conditions.

AWTrigger –installnow false

This command disables the installnow functionality. All the jobs that reach the device after this command has been run, will be processed normally (by evaluating conditions).

AWTrigger –condition true

This command causes all the deferred jobs on the device to be reevaluated again with immediate effect to see if the condition specified (in each job) has been met or not. Useful in the case of file conditions.

For example, suppose that a job has been pushed onto the device which has a file condition associated with it and the file condition specifies to monitor the presence of a test file. If the test file is missing on the device, AWApplicationManager creates a flag file. Hub defers this job by 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, the AWApplicationManager will again check for the presence of the test file). If the application creates a test file after 2 minutes (of deferring the job) and if the technician does not want to wait for another 3 minutes for the job to be processed, he can run this command and the job will be immediately evaluated. This command causes ALL the deferred jobs to be evaluated with immediate effect.

AWTrigger –h

This prints the usage of the utility into the respective log file.

AWTrigger -migrateca true

This migrates your XML custom attribute files to the new custom attribute database.

In order for the new text boxes to be present in a custom attribute XML file created from a profile, the UEM console version must be at least 8.1, and the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub version must be at least

For clean migration of custom attribute data from XML files to the database, Workspace ONE UEM recommends repushing any profiles that are already installed on any devices so that the new text boxes are present.